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Photo Gallery

You thought Adrian looked good in tight pants, its nothing compared to those bared knees!(9pics)  1 new 5/1/02
What could be more delightful than Adrian baring that magnificient chest?!?!?!(12 pics) 1 new 5/1/02
Adrian can be serious some of the time, but I love those smiles much more...(22 pics) 3 new 5/1/02
Show us those pearly whites...Doesn't he have a beautiful smile, gals?!?!?!(27 pics)
Awww, makes me want to just hold him, until all of his pain is gone, What about you?!?!?! lol!(14 pics)
   He is so good, that he makes me want to cry, just by watching him!!(9 pics)
Oh, man!! Good god yes! Adrian in leather, just made my day!!!(15 pics) 1 new 5/1/02
Just some pics of Adrian playing with his sword!!!! Lol!(24 pics)
I don't know about you, but I think Adrian gets better looking by age!!!(8 pics)
Just some pics of Adrian in costume, he looks very good in those, The drag one cracks me up everytime, thank god he wasn't a woman...(22 pics)  4 new 5/1/02
Pictures of Adrian in Black & White!! I love alot of these pics!!!(16 pics)
Ohh La La!! The most scrumptous pics you will ever see of Adrian!! Can't say enough about this page!!(41 pics) 4 New 5/1/02
Some very scary pictures of Adrian, some he just down right scares the hell out of me...(7 pics)
Just some extra pics that I didn't catagorize....(33 pics)
A very Evil looking Adrian.....(19pics) 1 new 5/1/02
Just some very good pics of Adrian all dressed up...(7 pics)

                Jeans Just some tight shots of Adrians butt...(7 pics)
                Underware Oh yes what I've been waiting for....(4 pics)

Some Tracker Promo here    (3 pics)
Magazine Appearances click here            (2 pics)

Holy Crap these Pics are even better than the sexy ones, so I had to put them by themselves....(8 pics)

Adrian & Friends...    (8 pics)

      Up Close (10 pics) 1 new 5/1/02

Vibe (8 pics on talk show Vibe)  New 5/1/02
The Quickening  (2 pics) New 5/1/02
Under Cover (4 pics) New 5/1/02